Best Dressed Dog was first seen on the streets of Arizona in1986. It was a good source of income while attending college and providing for the young family of Bret and Raenada Judd.

The original cart was an antique cart from the streets of NYC, Refurbished and put back into service.

After a few years absence, Best Dressed Dog was reborn in 2009 while waiting to receive a Visa to live in Chile. This process took a year. During this period, Judd Sauce was created. Hot dogs took on a whole new life when this concoction was drizzled on top. The Visa was finalized, and Best Dressed Dog went back on ice.

While traveling home from Chile, Bret encountered a young man at a connecting airport in South America. He looked at Bret with familiar eyes and asked if he was the "Hot Dog Man" that sold dogs near his home in Arizona. Of course he was! This young man said he craved a dog with Judd Sauce and wanted to know if it was still available. This was an omen!

After the project in Chile was completed, a decision to open a food truck was made. Of course, it had to provide hot dogs with the name of Best Dressed Dog!!!

An old laundry truck was purchased, plans drawn and approved, and the 2014 Version was built by Bret and Raenada Judd, and put on the streets.

We are owner operated and dedicated to delivering the highest quality food and service!

We are a party on wheels!